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    the verlin | 2020-11-17
  • >If there are stone chips and sand in your jeans pocket

    The jeans are washed for natural color and soft touch on the denim fabric.

    Washing is done using stones, and small grains such as sand are also used to enhance the details of the product.

    Please note that this is a part that occurred during the washing process and is not defective or defective.

    >If the product label or tag is removed

    In the case of imported products, customs clearance may not be possible, so there may be damage and random cutting.

    Please note that this is not a defect or defect.

    >Denim and colored products may cause water loss or migration due to the dyeing/printing process.

    >The pattern arrangement and position of printed and printed products may be different from the image, and it is a natural part of mass production and is not considered a defect.

    >If the buckle or buttonhole is blocked

    There are products that are made without a button hole to maintain the original shape of the clothes.

    You can use it by simply making a hole with a pair of scissors or a knife. If there is a risk of damage to the product, please contact the customer center.

    >Fleeting of mustang and wool products

    We ask for your understanding that there is no choice but to lose hair due to the nature of the material,

    Differences may occur depending on storage and washing methods.

    Dry cleaning is recommended for the first wash.

    >Smell from clothes and bags

    In the manufacturing process, such as dyeing and washing, chemicals are sometimes used, which often causes a smell.

    Please wear it after drying for 3-5 days in a well-ventilated place.

    > If there are marks on the shoes

    In the case of shoes, bonds are used during the manufacturing process, and bond marks may remain due to this, but these parts are not defective.

    Leather may have fine wrinkles through multiple inspections from processing to total receipt.

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